Guidance on the additional Public Holiday on Monday 19th September 2022

John Cook

A further additional public holiday has been announced to take place on Monday 19th September 2022, to coincide with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral.

Schools will, therefore, close.

Full time employees will simply receive an additional day off and if this is the case no further payment is required.

Similarly, any part time employees, including term time only workers, who were due to work on the additional bank holiday, will need no adjustment to pay as they will receive the same pay but work one day less.

Adjustments only need to be made for part time employees who are not due to work on 19th September.

There is no obligation on an employer to pay an increased amount and an alternative would be to grant  the part time employee, who is not due to work on 19th September, the time off on a different day, when the employee would have otherwise been required to work.

An employer could choose to pay in lieu of the additional day and the NJC have issued guidance on how to calculate the payment.

NJC HM Queen’s State Funeral 12 Sep 22

John Cook – Solicitor

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