Covid-19 – Latest Guidance from the Government – 6.00pm 1st April 2020

James Williams

Main points from today
  • Business Secretary, Alok Sharma, led the briefing and said the Government was taking unprecedented steps to expand capacity in the NHS.
  • He went on to say ‘Businesses are doing all they can to support people and the Government will do all it can to support them.’
  • PHE Medical Director said that the tens of thousands daily test for frontline staff would increase to hundreds of thousands in weeks.
Latest Guidance (employment and business)

Claim for wage costs through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Claim a grant through the coronavirus (COVID-19) Self-employment Income Support Scheme

No further guidance today.

Increasing confusion on whether an employee can furlough an employee on sick leave.  The guidance states:-

    If your employee is on Statutory Sick Pay

  • Employees on sick leave or self-isolating should get Statutory Sick Pay, but can be furloughed after this.
  • Employees who are shielding in line with public health guidance can be placed on furlough.
Latest Guidance (health)
Nothing new today.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): induction for newly qualified teachers – New guidance about changes to newly qualified teacher (NQT) induction during the COVID-19 public health emergency.  5:17pm, 1 April 2020

Where an employee self-isolates following either a direction by a medical professional or government guidance, what pay are they entitled to?
Where an individual self-isolates in response to either direction by a medical professional or government guidance they will be deemed incapable under the new deemed incapacity rules for SSP.  They will therefore be entitled to SSP, or any contractual sick pay which may apply.

General Guidance
The general coronavirus guidance starts here:-

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